April 2014, Issue 153 - Water Data

Water Data (full issue PDF)

Water Data Systems: Science, Practice, and Policy
Melinda Laituri and Faith Sternlieb

Past, Present, and Future of Water Data Delivery from the U.S. Geological Survey
Robert M. Hirsch and Gary T. Fisher

A Vision for Future Observations for Western U.S. Extreme Precipitation and Flooding
F.M. Ralph, M. Dettinger, A. White, D. Reynolds, D. Cayan, T. Schneider, R. Cifelli, K. Redmond, M. Anderson, F. Gherke, J. Jones, K. Mahone, L. Johnson, S. Gutman, V. Chandrasekar, A. Rost, J. Lundquist,N.Molotch, L. Brekke, R. Pulwarty, J. Horel, L. Schick,A. Edman, P. Mote, J. Abatzoglou, R. Pierce, and G. Wick

WaDE: An Interoperable Data Exchange Network for Sharing Water Planning and Use Data
Sara G. Larsen and Dwane Young

Landsat Thermal Infrared Imagery and Western Water Management
Anthony G. Willardson

A Social-Ecological Framework to Integrate Multiple Objectives for Environmental Flows Management
David M. Martin, Dylan Harrison-Atlas, Nicholas A. Sutfin and N. LeRoy Poff

Social Observation for Sustainability Science about Water
John B. Braden

Challenges and Opportunities for Collecting and Sharing Data on Water Governance Institutions
Samuel Gallaher and Tanya Heikkila

Determining the Dynamics of Agricultural Water Use: Cases from Asia and Africa
Lisa-Maria Rebelo, Robyn Johnston, Poolad Karimi, and Peter G. McCornick

Water Data Resources
Melinda Laituri and Faith Sternlieb



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