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    The Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) was founded in 1964 as an expansion of the Universities Council on Hydrology.  UCOWR is an association of universities and organizations leading in education, research, and public service in water resources. UCOWR members and delegates are at the forefront of water resources related research and education, and represent various fields of natural and social science.


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Please see the below pdf for more information about abstract submission to the 2015 UCOWR/ NIWR/ CUASHI Conference: Water is Not for Gambling: Utilizing Science to Reduce Uncertainty from June 16th to 18th at the Green Valley Ranch Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Submit your abstract here.

Deadline for abstract submission:  January 16th, 2015

The December journal issue is tentatively titled “A Primer on Watershed Management."

The journal will contain articles related to soils, hydrology, watershed management, human dimensions of watershed management, and aquatic ecology/biology. Submissions for an aquatic ecology/biology article are open to the public. Articles should be aimed at providing watershed community groups and policy makers an overview and literature review of aquatic ecology issues related to watershed management. Issues should be presented on a nationwide scale and include management implications within various land use watersheds (urban, agriculture, forest, etc).

If interested, please direct questions and submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Full 153 Issue, Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education, April 2014.

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