August 2013, Issue 151 - Managing Water, Energy, & Food in an Uncertain World

Managing Water, Energy, & Food in an Uncertain World (full issue PDF)

Introduction to Managing Water, Energy, & Food in an Uncertain World
Brian Hurd and Christopher Lant

Nutrient Management and the Chesapeake Bay
Douglas Beegle

Artificial Sinks: Opportunities and Challenges for Managing Offsite Nitrogen Losses
Arthur J. Gold, Kelly Addy, Mark B. David, Louis A. Schipper, and Brian A. Needelman

Fertilizer Use in Regulated River Basins: Is it What We Think?
Deanna L. Osmond, Kathy Neas, Amy M. Johnson, and Sheri L. Cahill

Climate Change Mitigation Policies: Implications for Agriculture and Water Resources
George B. Frisvold and Kazim Konyar

Texas High Plains Initiative for Strategic and Innovative Irrigation Management and Conservation
Justin Weinheimer, Phillip Johnson, Donna Mitchell, Jeff Johnson, and Rick Kellison

The Seminole Project: Renewable Energy for Municipal Water Desalination
Ken Rainwater, Phil Nash, Lianfa Song, and John Schroeder

Estimating the Economic and Social Impacts from the Drought in Southern Colorado
Allison Bauman, Christopher Goemans, James Pritchett, and Dawn Thilmany McFadden

Farm and Ecological Resilience to Water Supply Variability
Elizabeth Schuster and Bonnie Colby

Acequias and the Effects of Climate Change
Albert Rango, Alexander Fernald, Caitriana Steele, Brian Hurd, and Carlos Ochoa

Suitability Assessment of Non-Potable Water to Meet the Electricity Generation Demands in 2030
Katie Zemlick, Vincent C. Tidwell, Barry L. Roberts, and Cesar R. Castillo

Water Requirements for Large-Scale Solar Energy Projects in the West
George B. Frisvold and Tatiana Marquez

Water Resources for Algae-Based Biofuels
Jalal Rastegary, Saeid Aghahossein Shirazi, Tracy Fernandez, and Abbas Ghassemi



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