Washington State University

Pullman, Washington

The formation of the State of Washington Water Research Center, in collaboration with the University of Washington, has enhanced graduate study in water resources. Departments and schools associated with the Center's programs include Agricultural Economics, Biological Systems Engineering, Biological Sciences, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Crop and Soil Sciences, Environmental Science, Economics, Geology, Geography, Natural Resources Sciences, Political Science, and Zoology. The Center coordinates and plans integrated research programs, drawing on the facilities and personnel of the departments at Washington State University, as well as the other universities and colleges in the state. To investigate regional water problems, the Center joins or coordinates with Centers or Institutes of contiguous states. The Center serves as a major funding linkage for water research problems with the state agencies, particularly the Department of Ecology. Information dissemination activities are complementary with Agricultural and Engineering Extension Services. The Center also sponsors conferences throughout the state on current water problems independently and jointly with professional water associations.

For further information visit http://www.swwrc.wsu.edu/