Auburn University

Auburn, Alabama

Departments from the Colleges of Agriculture, Engineering, Forestry, and Sciences offer graduate degrees with specialization in water resources. Established in 1964, the Water Resources Research Institute encourages and facilitates interdisciplinary research in water resources. Graduate students, under the direction of interdepartmental advisory committees, develop a plan of study appropriate for their research interest. Plans of study ordinarily involve courses from many areas including hydraulics and hydrology, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, soil chemistry and physics, forestry, fisheries, microbiology, chemistry, agricultural engineering, mathematics, computer science and engineering, and geology.

A survey of faculty and departmental courses was undertaken to collate courses on water resources and environmental issues that are distributed across the University campus. Numerous Departments were found to be offering classes dealing with a diverse array of environmental issues which students in the various curricula would find helpful in career development. Consequently, a Sourcebook of classes was prepared to provide information helpful in course selection and curriculum choice.

Faculty and students of Auburn University who seek to learn and communicate about water resources and environmental issues now have a source of information regarding what is being offered in courses throughout Auburn University. The material in the Sourcebook also allows faculty and staff to learn who on campus is working in areas related to those which span their own careers. Now a true interdisciplinary approach to career development, research, and instruction may be determined by using information contained in this book.

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