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Graduate study leading to Master's or Doctor's degrees is possible in many water resource-related disciplines. A student may research water resource problems in several departments or may engage in interdisciplinary programs. In Environmental Engineering, areas a student may specialize in include potable water supply systems, water pollution control, environmental resources management, environmental biology, wetlands ecology and management, energy analysis, water chemistry and systems ecology. A student may major in Agricultural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, or Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering. Strong graduate programs in water resources also exist in Soil and Water Science, Food and Resource Economics, Forest Resources and Conservation, Geography and Geology. The College of Law offers special programs in water law. UF also offers an academic cluster for graduate studies in hydrologic sciences. This is an interdisciplinary program designed to broaden the skills of science and engineering students who are interested in all aspects of water. Special facilities at UF include the Hydraulics Lab, Coastal Engineering Lab, Center for Wetlands & Water Resources, Marine Research Center, and the Center for Training and Research in Environmental Education Operations. Research assistantships are available in many departments.

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