Clemson University

Clemson, South Carolina

Graduate study at the Masters or Doctoral level in water resources is available within a variety of programs, interdisciplinary or departmental in nature. Major emphasis may be placed on one or more of the following:

  • aquatic biology and ecology
  • economic development
  • environmental engineering
  • fluid mechanics and hydraulics
  • hydrogeology
  • irrigation and soil-water-plant relationships
  • limnology, ocean and marine resources
  • resource economics
  • soil and water conservation
  • surface and groundwater hydrology
  • water-based recreation and water resources planning and management.


Special advantages of Clemson University include:

  • ownership of 21,000 acres of land adjacent to the campus
  • an uninhabited watershed for hydrology and conservation studies
  • location adjacent to Hartwell Lake, a 60,000 acre reservoir
  • ownership of water and waste treatment plants
  • substantial industrialization within the area
  • a location in a high rainfall area with topography of the state varying from mountains to coastal plains
  • access to research facilities at the Marine Resources Laboratory at the coast
  • proximity to the integrated Duke Power Keowee Toxaway power project including nuclear, hydroelectric and pumped stage generating facilities.

For further information visit the South Carolina Water Resources Research Center