Past Recipients by Award

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Warren A. Hall Medal Recipients

Friends of UCOWR Recipients

Ph.D. Dissertation Award Recipients

Education and Public Service Award Recipients


Warren A. Hall Medal Recipients

2016 - Dr. Norman Whittlesey, Washington State University

2015 - Dr. Bonnie G. Colby, University of Arizona & Dr. Larry W. Mays, Arizona State University

2014 - Dr. Jay R. Lund, University of California-Davis

2013 - Dr. James P. Heaney, University of Florida

2012 - Dr. John B. Braden, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

2011 - Dr. Jery R. Stedinger, Cornell University

2010 - Dr. Thomas Dunne, University of California-Santa Barbara

2009 - Dr. Gerald E. Galloway, University of Maryland

2008 - Dr. Peter P. Rogers, Harvard University

2007 - Dr. Patrick L. Brezonik, National Science Foundation and University of Minnesota

2006 - Dr. Robert C. Ward, Colorado State University

2005 - Dr. Henry J. Vaux, Jr., University of California

2004 - Dr. Robert Young, Colorado State University

2003 - Dr. Charles Howe, University of Colorado

2001 - Dr. Miguel A. Mariño , University of California Davis

2000 - Dr. Daniel P. Loucks, Cornell University

2000 - Dr. Vernon L. Snoeyink, University of Illinois

1999 - Dr. William Yeh, University of California, Los Angeles

1998 - Dr. Neil Grigg, Colorado State University

1997 - Dr. Yacov Haimes, University of Virginia

1996 - Dr. Richard S. Engelbrecht, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

1995 - Dr. Gilbert White, University of Colorado

1994 - Dr. Warren “Bud” Viessman, Jr., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1993 - Dr. William Butcher, Washington State University


Friends of UCOWR Award Recipients

2016 Dr. James Heaney, University of Florida

         Dr. Brian Hurd, University of New Mexico

         Dr. Mac McKee, Utah State University

2015 Jim Dobrowolski, National Institute for Food and Agriculture, USDA

         Chris Lant, Utah State University

         Patricia Mulroy, The Brookings Institute 

2014 Dr. Paula Sturdevant Rees, University of Massachusetts
         Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts

2013 Dr. John Nicklow, Provost & Vice Chancellor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
         Desert Research Institute, Reno, Nevada

2012 The Ivanhoe Foundation
         Dr. Joseph J. Delfino, University of Florida
         Ms. Roseanne M. Gard, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

2011 The Colorado Water Institute, Colorado State University
         Institute for Water Resources, USACE
         Jonathan Bulkley, University of Michigan

2010 Edmund G. “Ed” Archuletta, El Paso Water Utilities
         David Kreamer, Desert Research Institute, UNLV
         Gerald Sehlke, Idaho National Laboratory

2009 Gretchen Rupp and M.J. Nehasil, Montana Water Center
         Ronald D. Lacewell and Michele Zinn, Texas A&M University

2008 Penny Firth, National Science Foundation
         Don Rice, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
         Alan Vaux, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

2007 Paul Bourget, Institute for Water Resources, USACE
         Gary S. Johnson, University of Idaho-Idaho Falls
         Michael O’Neill, USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
         Gilbert F. White, University of Colorado (posthumous)

2006 Mark Limbaugh, Assistant Secretary for Water & Science, U.S. Dept. of the Interior
         New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute

2005 Lynne Lewis, Bates College

2004 Ari Michelsen, Resident Director, Agricultural Research Center, Texas A&M University
         Walter V. Wendler, Chancellor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
         Margret Skerley, UCOWR Program Admin. Asst., Southern Illinois Univ. Carbondale

2003 Lisa Bourget, Engineering Advisor, US Section International Joint Commission (IJC)
         Mark Dunning, Chief, US Army Engineer Institute for Water Resources
         Tamim Younos, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

2002 Dr. Duane D. Baumann, Executive Director of UCOWR

2001 Charles W. Howe, University of Colorado at Boulder

2000 William H. Funk, Washington State University

1999 John S. Jackson, Southern Illinois University
         Kyle E. Schilling, Director of the USACE Institute for Water Resources (IWR)
         Robert Ward, Colorado State University

1998 Peter Black, State University of New York
         Helen Ingram, University of California, Irvine

1997 Faye Anderson, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
         Patrick Brezonik, University of Minnesota
         Theodore M. Schad, The Conservation Foundation

1996 L. Douglas James, Utah Center for Water Resources Research (UCWRR)
         David H. Moreau, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
         Howard S. Peavy, University of Idaho

1995 Jon F. Bartholic, Michigan State University
         M. Wayne Hall, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
         William L. Powers, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

1994 Robert D. Varrin, University of Delaware
         Henry J. Vaux, Jr., University of California, Berkeley

1993 Marvin T. Bond, Mississippi Water Resource Research Institute
         Glenn E. Stout, University of Illinois

1992 J. Ernest Flack
         Gerald E. Galloway, Jr.
         John C. Guyon
         Ernest T. Smerdon
         Warren Viessman, Jr.

1991 Eugene D. Eaton
         William B. Lord
         William R. Walker

1990 Henry P. Caulfield
         Maynard M Hufschmidt
         Absolom W. Snell

1989 Daniel D. Evans

1988 Merwin P. Dougal
         John C. Frey
         Daniel J. Wiersma

1987 Wade H. Andrews
         John D. Hewlett
         Gerard A. Rohlich
         Dan M. Wells

1986 Leonard Dworsky
         Peter Eagleson
         Benjamin Ewing
         George Maxey
         George Smith

1985 Bernard B. Berber
         William Butcher
         Ernest Engelbert
         David H. Howells
         William Shipple

1984 Ernest F. Brater
         Norman H. Brooks
         Ven Te Chow
         Nephi A. Christensen
         Robert E. Dils
         Warren A. Hall
         John W. Harshbarger
         A.T. Ingersoll
         John F. Kennedy
         Carl E. Kindsvater
         Emmett M. Laursen
         Arno T. Lenz
         Ray K. Linsley
         Walter L. Moore
         Dean F. Peterson
         Sol D. Resnick
         Verne H. Scott
         David K. Todd
         Calvin. Warnick
         M. Gordon Wolman
         E. Roy Tinney

Ph.D. Dissertation Award Recipients 

David Warsinger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Natural Science & Engineering
Miguel Morales, University of Florida, Water Policy & SocioEconomics

Megan Kelly, Lake Superior State University, Natural Science & Engineering
Ken Friedman, Northwest Florida Water Management District, Water Policy & SocioEconomics

Mario Fernandez, Texas A&M University, Water Policy & SocioEconomics
Joseph Kasprzyk, Pennsylvania State University, Natural Science & Engineering

Andrew Leidner
, Texas A&M University, Water Policy & SocioEconomics
Laxman Sharma, University of Hawaii, Natural Science & Engineering

Joshua Dickenson, University of Florida, Natural Science & Engineering
Stanley Mubako, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Water Policy & SocioEconomics

Christine J. Kirchhoff, University of Michigan, Integrating Science and Policy: Climate Change Assessments and Water Resources Management
Joshua B. Kollat, Penn State University, Many-objective groundwater monitoring network design using bias-aware ensemble kalman filtering, evolutionary optimization, and visual analytics.

Heather Byrne, University of Florida, Adsorption, Photocatalysts, and Photochemistry of Trace Level Aqueous Mercury
David Rosenberg, University of California, Davis, Integrated Water Management and Modeling at Multiple Spatial Scales

Kathryn van Werkhoven, Penn State University, Evaluating Model Behavior for Hydrologic Forecasting in Gauged and Ungauged Watersheds
Filiz Dadaser-Celik, University of Minnesota, Impact of Large-Scale Irrigation on a Closed-Basin Wetland: Water Flow Alterations and Participatory Irrigation Management Effects on the Sultan Marshes Ecosystem in Turkey

Mariam Masid, Colorado State University, Reforming the Culture of Partiality: Diffusing the Battle of the Experts in Western Water Wars.
Amy Tidwell, Georgia Institute of Technology, Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on River Basin Management: A New Method with Application to the Nile River.

Bethany T. Neilson, Utah State University, Dynamic Stream Temperature Modeling: Understanding the Causes and Effects of Temperature Impairments and Uncertainty in Predictions
Daniel Petrolia, University of Minnesota, A Long Way from the Gulf: Economic and Environmental Targeting of Agricultural Drainage to Reduce Nitrogen Loads in a Minnesota Watershed

Dominic Frigon, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Mechanism Explaining Seasonal Biological Foaming in Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Systems: Foam-Causing Bacteria Specialize in Consuming Lipids
Carlos Patiño-Gomez, University of Texas at Austin, GIS for Large-Scale Watershed Observational Data Model

Kara Sorensen, U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program (NMMP), San Diego CA, The Toxicity of Pesticides to Mammalian Cells as Altered by Redox-Modified Smectites
Xiangming Fang, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Water Shortages, Water Allocation, and Economic Growth: the Case of China

Kimberly Hageman, Oregon State University, Measuring in situ reductive dechlorination rates in trichloroethene-contaminated groundwater 
Patricia Saco, University of Illinois (UIUC), Flow dynamics in large river basins: self-similar network structure and scale effects 

David Walters, University of Georgia, Ecology Department, Influence of geomorphology and urban land cover on stream fish assemblages in the Etowah River Basin, Georgia 
Arthur Schmidt, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Civil Engineering, Analysis of Stage-Discharge Relations for Open Channel flows and their Associated Uncertainties

Mark Borsuk, Duke University, Environmental Science and Policy, A Graphical Probability Network Model To Support Water Quality Decision Making For The Neuse River Estuary, North Carolina
Shira Yoffe, Oregon State University, Department of Geography, Basins At Risk: Conflict and Cooperation Over International Freshwater Resources

Laurie McNeill, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Civil Engineering, Water Quality Factors Influencing Iron and Lead Corrosion in Drinking Water
Beth Lemberg, Texas A&M University, Integrating Ecological, Hydrologic, and Economic Models for Water Valuation in the Frio River Basin, Texas

Eric LaBolle, University of California, Davis, Theory and Simulation of Diffusion Processes in Porous Media
David Joseph Hurlbut, University of Texas at Austin, Irrigation for Sale: A Case Study of Marketing and Conservation in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas

David Cummings, University of Idaho, Microbial Fe(III) Reduction in the Sediments of Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Susan Sharpless Hubbard, University of California, Berkeley, Stochastic Characterization of Hydrogeological Properties Using Geophysical Data
Alison Adams, Colorado State University, Analysis of Regional Water Conflicts: The Case Study Approach

Jennifer Crawford, University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, Anaerobic Dissipation of Herbicides in Microbiologically-Induced Soil Redox Regimes
Youn Sim, University of California, Irvine, Virus Transport in Physicochemically Heterogeneous Porous Media
David W. Watkins, Jr., University of Texas at Austin, Optimization Techniques for the Planning and Management of Robust Water Resources Systems

Dr. Yung-Ming Chen, University of Michigan for his paper titled, Mathematical Modeling of In-Situ Bioremediation of Volatile Organics in Variable Saturated Aquifers
Dr. Jianmin Lu, New Mexico State University for his paper titled, Stripping Analysis-Based Remote Electrochemical Sensors for Trace Metal Contaminants


Education and Public Service Award Recipients

2016 Dr. Todd Jarvis, Oregon State University
Tom Cech, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Dr. Christopher Obropta, Rutgers, State University of New Jersey

2015  Soil & Water Science (SWS) Youth Curriculum Development Team, led by Dr. Natalie Carroll, Purdue University
Llano River Field Station, Texas Tech University

2014 Clemson Carolina Clear
Mystic River Watershed Association

2013 Jon Bartholic, Water Research Institute, Michigan State University
Heather Segale, UC David Tahoe Environmental Research Center

2012 Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center at El Paso
Water Ambassador Program, Douglas County (Colorado) Water Resource Authority

2011 Colorado Foundation for Water Education Modular Curriculum for Hydrologic Advancement (MOCHA)
Penn State, Montana State, U of Arizona, Virginia Tech, U of Freiburg

2010 The Freshwater Trust 
Washington State University Beach Watchers

2009 Alliance for Water Efficiency 
Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

2008 Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) 
North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund

2007 Penn State University College of Agricultural Sciences/School of Forest Resources 
National Water Research Institute-USA

2006 Texas A&M Univ. Water Management & Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Degree Program 
El Paso Water Utilities

2005 Penobscot Partners 
Arizona University, Johns Hopkins University, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and The University of Florida

2004 Chesapeake Bay Foundation

1998 Tom Cech

1998 Donald Vonnahme

1997 Carole Baker

1990 Joseph J. Delfino, Philip Courter, Gay Courter, Michael Green (for PBS Documentary: The Florida Water Story)

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