2010 UCOWR Award Winners
  honored at the Awards Banquet
July 14, 2010
at the Red Lion on Fifth Avenue
Seattle, Washington

Warren A. Hall Medal

Thomas Dunne, University of California – Santa Barbara

Friends of UCOWR

Edmund G. “Ed” Archuleta
General Manager, El Paso Water Utilities

David Kreamer
Professor, Desert Research Institute, UNLV

Gerald Sehlke
Advisory Scientist/Engineer, Idaho National Laboratory

Ph.D. Dissertation in
Natural Science and Engineering

Heather Byrne, University of Florida – 1st Place Winner

Mukesh Kumar, Penn State University – Honorable Mention
Dingbao Wang, University or Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Honorable Mention
Yan Zhang, Virginia Tech – Honorable Mention

Ph.D. Dissertation in
Water Policy and Socioeconomics

David Rosenberg, University of California Davis – 1st Place Winner

Education and Public Service

The Freshwater Trust

Beach Watchers, Washington State University

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