2007 UCOWR Award Winners


Warren A. Hall Medal

Patrick L. Brezonik

Program Director

 National Science Foundation


Friends of UCOWR Awards

  Paul Bourget

Institute for Water Resources

US Army Corps of Engineers


Gary S. Johnson

 University of Idaho-Idaho Falls


Michael O’Neill

USDA Cooperative State Research

 Education and Extension Service


Gilbert F. White

University of Colorado


Ph.D. Dissertation Award in Natural Science & Engineering



Bethany T. Neilson

Utah State University


Honorable Mention

Elias Bekele, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Anne Jefferson, Oregon State University

Jeffrey Werner, University of Minnesota


Ph.D. Dissertation Award in Water Policy & Socioeconomics



Daniel Petrolia

University of Minnesota


Honorable Mention

    Christopher Goemans, University of Colorado at Boulder


Education and Public Service Awards

Penn State University

College of Agricultural Sciences/

School of Forest Resources


US National Water Research Institute


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