December 2015, Issue 152 - Interdisciplinary Modeling, Research, and Education

Interdisciplinary Modeling, Research, and Education (full issue PDF)

Introduction to Interdisciplinary Modeling, Research, and Education
Laurel Saito, Timothy E. Link, Alexander G. Fernald, and Lisa Kohne

Lessons Learned from an Inter-Institutional Graduate Course on Interdisciplinary Modeling for Water-Related Issues and Changing Climate
Laurel Saito, Timothy E. Link, Alexander G. Fernald, and Lisa Kohne

Simple Climate Models to Illustrate How Bifurcations Can Alter Equilibria and Stability
Christopher M. Herald, Satoko Kurita, and Aleksey S. Telyakovskiy

Vadose Zone Processes: A Compendium for Teaching Interdisciplinary Modeling
Robert Heinse and Timothy E. Link

Economic Foundations for the Interdisciplinary Modeling of Water Resources Under Climate Change
Levan Elbakidze and Kelly M. Cobourn

The Fourth Dimension of Interdisciplinary Modeling
Franco Biondi

Collaborative Community Hydrology Research in Northern New Mexico
Steve J. Guldan, Alexander G. Fernald, Carlos G. Ochoa, and Vincent C. Tidwell

Qualitative and Visualization Methodologies for Modeling Social-Ecological Dimensions of Regional Water Planning on the Rio Chama
Moises Gonzales, José A. Rivera, J. Jarrett García, and Sam Markwell

Hydrologic Connectivity of Head Waters and Floodplains in a Semi-Arid Watershed
Carlos G. Ochoa, Steven J. Guldan, Andres F. Cibils, Stephanie C. Lopez, Kenneth G. Boykin, Vincent C. Tidwell, Alexander G. Fernald

Tracking the Influence of Irrigation on Land Surface Fluxes and Boundary Layer Climatology
Venkataramana Sridhar

Estimating the Public Water Supply Protection Value of Forests
Emile Elias, David Laband, and Mark Dougherty



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