March 2013, Issue 150 - Water Education for Sustainability in Higher Education

Water Education for Sustainability in Higher Education (full issue PDF)

Introduction to Water Education for Sustainability in Higher Education
Bruce Missingham and Brian S. McIntosh

Brian S. McIntosh and André Taylor

Popular Education for Water Sustainability: Three Lessons from Reflective Practice
Peter Oliver and William Dennison

Studying Nature In Situ: Immersive Education for Better Integrated Water Management
William Dennison and Peter Oliver

Participatory Learning and Popular Education Strategies for Water Education
Bruce Missingham

Cross-Boundary Peer Learning in the Mekong: A Case of Field-Based Education in Natural Resources Management
Xing Lyu, Philip Hirsch, Ham Kimkong, Kanokwan Manorom, and Tubtim Tubtim

An “IGERT” Model for Interdisciplinary Doctoral Education in Water-Related Science and Policy
Nicholas Pinter, Sara Baer, Lizette Chevalier, Rhonda Kowalchuk, Christopher Lant, and Matt Whiles

Environmental Aquatic Resource Sensing: Basic Sciences, Business Education, and Outreach
Laura G. Leff, Darren L. Bade, Jonathan Scaffidi, Craig E. Williamson, and Chris Woolverton

New Learning Foundations for Building Water Knowledge Bridges
Jeff Camkin and Susana Neto



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