March 2010, Issue 144 - Reallocating Water Under Prior Appropriation

Reallocating Water Under Prior Appropriation (full issue PDF)

Olen Paul Matthews

Rethinking Vulnerability on the Colorado River
Doug Kenney, Andrea Ray, Ben Harding, Roger Pulwarty, and Brad Udall

Legislative Reallocation: How Compliance with Federal Legislative Initiatives Can Redistribute Water Resources
Melinda Harm Benson

A Broken Hub Will Not Wheel: Water Reallocation in California
David Zetland

Status of Ground Water Banking in Idaho
Bryce A. Contor

Constraints to Water Transfers in Unadjudicated Basins:The Middle Rio Grande as a Case Study
Michael Pease

Market Approaches to Water Allocation: Lessons from Latin America
Carl Bauer

Creating Real Time Water Leasing Market Institutions:An Integrated Economic and Hydrological Methodology
Craig D. Broadbent, David S. Brookshire, Don Coursey, and Vince Tidwell

Ecosystem Services and Reallocation Choices: A Framework for Preserving Semi-Arid Regions in the Southwest
David S. Brookshire, David Goodrich, Mark D. Dixon, L. Arriana Brand, Karl Benedict, Kevin Lansey, Jennifer Thacher, Craig D. Broadbent, Steve Stewart, Molly McIntosh, and Doosun Kang

The Dominant Water Estate and Water Reallocation
Olen Paul Matthews



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