2017 Friends of UCOWR Award Recipients

UCOWR is pleased to announce the 2016 Friends of UCOWR Award recipients:   

Doug Bennett, Nevada Water Authority in Las Vegas, Nevada

Doug Bennett has more than 29 years’ professional experience relating to water management. As the Conservation Manager for the Southern Nevada Water Authority in Las Vegas, Nevada, he oversees one of the most comprehensive water conservation programs in the United States. He has served since 2008 as Program Chair for the WaterSmart Innovations Conference, the world’s largest professional event dedicated to urban water efficiency, and was instrumental in establishing the UCOWR Water Scholars program to facilitate student participation in the WSI Conference. He served for five years as a water efficiency technical advisor to the U.S. Green Building Council. Bennett holds a Bachelor of Arts in Agriculture and a Master of Arts in Business and Personnel Management from New Mexico State University.

Faith Sternlieb, Colorado State University

Faith Sternlieb is a postdoctoral fellow with the Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability at Colorado State University (CSU) conducting research on Secondary Cities, an initiative of the Humanitarian Information Unit of the Office of the Geographer, U.S. Department of State. She has a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences with a Watershed Specialty from CSU where she focused on the geospatial implications of agricultural water governance in the Colorado River Basin. She has been involved in a number of international and national interdisciplinary projects through the Colorado Water Institute, CSU Earth System Governance Research Center and UNESCO-IHE. She was also one of the founding members of the U.S. University WASH Network, a consortium of universities advocating partnerships and solutions for the global water, sanitation, and hygiene crisis. Her current research interests include participatory mapping of human geography data, environmental justice in the urban context, and the science-technology policies regarding open-source geospatial platforms.

John C. Tracy, Texas Water Resources Institute at Texas A&M University

John C. Tracy is Director of the Texas Water Resources Institute at Texas A&M University. Dr. Tracy has led research initiatives on understanding and developing sustainable water resource management practices in a number of basins across the western United States, including the western High Plains, Northern Plains, Great Basin, and Pacific Northwest hydro-climatological regions. As a Research Administrator he works with private, state, regional, and federal entities to develop research programs that effectively support water and environmental resource management objectives. His recent work has focused on developing an integrated understanding of the behavior of water resource systems under the influence of changing hydrologic-economic-social conditions. Dr. Tracy currently serves as the Secretary/Treasurer of  NIWR, and has also served as President of AWRA (2015) and UCOWR (2008-2009). Dr. Tracy received his B.S. degree in Civil Engineering at Colorado State University in 1980, and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Civil Engineering at the University of California at Davis in 1986 and 1989, respectively.

Reagan Waskom, Colorado Water Institute at Colorado State University

Reagan Waskom currently serves as the Director of the Colorado Water Institute and the Chair of the Colorado State University Water Center. Dr. Waskom is a member of the Soil & Crop Sciences department at CSU, where he has worked on various water related research and outreach programs for the past 31 years, conducting statewide educational and applied research programs on water quality, water quantity, water policy, and natural resource issues related to water use. In addition, Dr. Waskom provides oversight for the CSU Extension water outreach program and personnel. Dr. Waskom’s current research emphasis is on the integrated use of surface and groundwater, the impacts of shale gas development on water resources, and agricultural water conservation in the Colorado River basin and Ogallala Aquifer. Reagan has served on the UCOWR and the NIWR Boards in the past.

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