University Of Missouri

Columbia, Missouri,
Kansas City, Missouri,
Rolla, Missouri, and
St. Louis, Missouri

The University of Missouri is a four-campus system which offers graduate degrees in Water Science. Credit is transferable between campuses. Ph.D. programs may be on an area study basis with members of the advisory committee adequately representing the disciplines and departments concerned.

The Columbia campus offers degrees with emphasis on water in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geological Sciences, and Engineering, and. At the Kansas City campus, emphasis is on Biological Sciences and Geosciences. The Rolla campus offers graduate work leading to the Ph.D. in the Departments of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. The St. Louis campus offers courses in Biology and Chemistry at the graduate level. Both the Columbia and Rolla campuses have water resources research groups devoted to research and training which is interdisciplinary in scope.

For further information, visit the Missouri Water Resources Research Center.