University Of Kansas

Lawrence, Kansas

The University of Kansas offers M.S. degrees in water resources engineering and water resources science, and a variety of M.S., D.E. and Ph.D. programs in the basic water-related disciplines. The water resources programs are interdepartmental. Though core requirements stress engineering, geology, and meteorology, a student has the option of specializing in water science, or obtaining a broad interdisciplinary base in water management. Depending on individual student qualifications and interest, interdisciplinary options can be developed from extensive graduate offerings in the social and behavioral sciences as well as in engineering and physical science. A graduate program (M.S., Ph.D.) in hydrogeology and ground water geology is offered through the geology department.

Graduate students have the opportunity to become involved with and gain training in water related projects funded through the Kansas Water Resources Research Institute, the Kansas Geological and Biological Surveys and other on-campus research groups. This might involve working with faculty persons in the student's particular discipline, or working on an interdisciplinary team.

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