University Of Iowa

Iowa City, Iowa

A program leading to advanced degrees in water resources combines pertinent courses in fluid mechanics, hydraulics, river engineering, hydrology and hydrometeorology, water resources systems, and environmental engineering systems with courses in related areas such as hydroclimatology, geohydrology, limnology, environmental microbiology, environmental remote sensing, ice engineering, nonlinear systems, stochastic analysis, and law. Science and engineering majors in water quality management are also available. Extensive laboratory and experimental facilities in engineering hydraulics, water and wastewater treatment, limnology and water chemistry, and hydrometeorology and remote sensing are available to graduate students. Computational facilities featuring a network of high-speed computer workstations are available, including an interdisciplinary Global and Regional Environmental Research Center. Thesis and dissertation work includes theoretical, experimental, and computational studies of many aspects of water resources.

For further information visit the Iowa Institute of Hydroscience and Engineering, Hydraulics, Hydrology and Water Resources, and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering