University Of Illinois

Urbana, Illinois 

The University offers over 50 courses that are basic to one or more aspects -- engineering, environmental, social, economics, political or legal -- of water resources. The Hydrosystems Engineering Graduate Program within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering includes instruction and research in various aspects of water related to civil engineering. The term "hydrosystems" indicates the recognition and incorporation in the program of the idea that the processes and techniques under study are viewed as interrelated components rather than as a group of isolated topics. Current research and teaching in Hydrosystems Engineering focuses upon sediment transport, environmental fluid mechanics, river mechanics, wetland hydrology, and groundwater transport. M.S. degree and Ph.D. work relating to resources is offered also in other departments, including Geology, Crop Sciences, Forestry, Agricultural Economics, and Agricultural Engineering. In addition, the University's Water Resources Center coordinates the campus-wide programs and provides support for graduate programs.


For further information, contact:

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (217) 333-8038

Water Resources Center (217) 244-9329

  • Dr. Albert J. Valocchi
  • Dr. Brian K. Miller