University Of Guam

Mangilai, Guam

The graduate program in water resources related areas is being offered through the University of Guam Environmental Science program. Topics such as hydrology, sedimentation, groundwater, geology, aquatic toxicology, environmental management, and other environmental issues are being offered in this program. Faculty from the Water and Environmental Research Institute (WERI) are involved in administering teaching, advising students, and directing graduate students in their research projects.

WERI is the only fresh water research organization in the vast region of the Pacific between Hawaii and the Philippines. The Institute provides fresh water research, training and information transfer for this region that comprises a total land area of approximately 485 square miles and a population of 234,000 people. Technological and economic development in the region varies greatly from the relatively modern life style of Guam and some of the island centers in the FSM to underdeveloped areas of the remote atoll islands that have experienced little change of the past hundred years. In 1991, the Institute moved to its new 7,300 square foot Water Science facility. This facility contains faculty and administrative offices for five full-time faculty and two administrative office personnel. The new facility contains a complete water quality analysis laboratory with offices for a laboratory manager and an assistant and includes analytical capabilities in general water quality, trace metal, and selected organic materials analysis. The new combined hydraulics/geology laboratory contains complete recirculating water facilities for hydraulic modeling studies, a variety of geological specimen preparation equipment including slab saws and thin sectioning equipment, and a Cold Cathode Luminescence Microscope with camera. Faculty and staff expertise includes the areas of geology, groundwater, surface water hydrology, hydraulics, environmental biology and toxicology, meteorology, and chemistry.

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