University Of Georgia

Athens, Georgia 

Graduate studies in water resources at the University of Georgia are offered or cooperatively supported in a number of schools and colleges including Agriculture and Environmental Science, Forest Resources, Arts and Sciences, and Business Administration, and the Institutes of Ecology, Government, and Community and Area Development. Master of Science and Doctoral programs draw on a common core of courses from all disciplines and degrees are offered within the following research areas and departments:

    Environmental Economics
    (Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics)

    Environmental Water Chemistry and Solute Transport
    (Department of Crop and Soil Sciences)

    Soil and Water Engineering
    (Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering)

    Aquatic Biology
    (Department of Marine Sciences)

    Environmental Health Sciences
    (Department of Environmental Health and Safety)

    Geochemistry and Hydrogeology
    (Department of Geology)

    Integrative Conservation and Geography
    (Department of Geography)

    Water, Soils and Environmental Systems; Fisheries and Aquaculture
    (School of Forestry and Natural Resources)

    Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development
    (School of Ecology)

Supporting courses are offered in other departments including political science, economics, microbiology, entomology and the Schools of Environmental Design and Law. Our location in a humid, piedmont province between the mountains and the coastal plain favors a variety of water resources studies. Notable facilities on or near campus are:

    Savannah River Ecology Laboratory at the Savannah River Site (DOE)
    the Southeast Water Laboratory (EPA)
    the Soil and Water Conservation Research Center (USDA)
    the Southeast Watershed Research Center (ARS)
    the Coweeta Hydologic Laboratory (USDA Forest Service)
    the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography (University System)

For further information, contact:

Dr. C. Rhett Jackson
School of Forestry and Natural Resources 
(706) 542-1772
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Dr. Dale Threadgill
Department of Engineering
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