University Of Connecticut

Storrs, Connecticut

Programs are offered leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in many phases and problems of water resources use, development, and management. Students apply for admission to such programs by contacting the University Admissions Office, which will forward completed applications to one or more departments of the student's choice. Contact with the heads of several departments in advance of application will usually assist students in determining the availability of programs which meet their interests, often through an array of courses from several different departments or schools. Students have been affiliated with and taken courses in the departments of biological sciences, chemistry, geo-sciences, natural resources and the environment, engineering, social sciences, business, economics, law, and others. The courses which best fit a student's interests are best determined by a thorough review of those listed in both the undergraduate (upper level courses) and the graduate catalogs, both of which are usually necessary in planning a graduate program.

The Institute of Water Resources awards grants on a competitive basis to faculty members at institutions throughout the State. Graduate students selected by their faculty advisors to work on such projects receive financial support in the form of assistantships, and have the opportunity to be involved in exciting and constructive research with senior faculty while the research project itself may become the basis for the student's thesis or dissertation.

For further information, visit the Institute of Water Resources or the University of Connecticut Graduate School