University Of California, Irvine

Irvine, California 

The Irvine Campus offers advanced degrees (M.S. and Ph.D.) in the Department of Civil Engineering with specialization in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering. Interdisciplinary opportunities are also available with Biochemical Engineering, Biological Sciences, and Social Ecology. Students may also take courses in Electrical Engineering (operative research), Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, and Chemistry. Course work is tailored to the individual student in consultation with a faculty advisor. M.S. students are required to complete 36 units of subject matter to provide a well-rounded program in fundamentals. There are no specific course requirements for the Ph.D. which usually involves one or more years of course work beyond the M.S. degree. Two years of residency is required. All students are required to become involved in one or more research areas which include: water reclamation and reuse, groundwater hydrology, surface water hydrology, computer modeling, porous media flow theory, water and wastewater treatment, water chemistry, transport of pollutants, and analysis methods. Current funded research areas being worked on by graduate students and the faculty include: development of groundwater basin models, development of mathematical modeling theory (both domain and boundary methods), interaction of phreatophytes and the groundwater table, coupled stochastic-deterministic models of groundwater movement, flow of fluids and contaminants in the unsaturated zone, estuary modeling, transport of toxic substances in the environment, aquatic chemistry of fresh water bodies, transport of pollutants in porous media, and bioassay techniques applied to water quality predictions. Funding is available for qualified students as Research Assistants on several funded research projects. The Department of Civil Engineering funds approximately five Teaching Assistants each year. Additionally, there are a number of grants and fellowships available through the University.

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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Graduate Advisor:
Dr. Farzin Zareian 
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