Purdue University

West Lafayette, Indiana 

Graduate degrees with emphasis in water resources are awarded by Agricultural and Biological Engineering (M.S., Ph.D.), Civil Engineering (M.S., M.S.E., M.S.C.E., Ph.D.) and Forestry and Natural Resources (M.S., M.S.F., Ph.D.).

Areas of study include:

  • physics and chemistry of soil water, runoff, and erosion
  • irrigation, drainage, and water management
  • aquatic biology
  • fisheries management
  • aquatic ecology
  • agricultural climatology
  • deterministic and stochastic surface water hydrology, including urban hydrology
  • subsurface hydrology
  • ground water seepage and geology
  • ground water development and management
  • ground water geochemistry
  • thermal discharges in the aquatic environment
  • open-channel and river hydraulics
  • flood routing and sediment transport
  • hydromechanics
  • water-supply and waste-water treatment
  • hydraulic structure design
  • systems design and systems analysis of water resource
  • development resource utilization and development
  • engineering and economic multi-objective evaluation
  • water-based recreation
  • public finance and capital replacement theory
  • sociological aspects of natural resources
  • water policy and politics

For further information contact:

Ronald Turco - Director  
Indiana Water Resources Research Center  
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ph.: 765-494-8077