Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa 

Water Resources comprises a university-wide, interdisciplinary program involving biological, physical, and social sciences. Water Resources Faculty from the colleges of Agriculture, Engineering, and Liberal Arts and Sciences cooperate to offer courses and research opportunities leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees with a major in Water Resources. Water Resources majors specialize in some technical aspect of water resources, and applicants should have completed the equivalent of an undergraduate or masters degree in one of the biological, physical, or engineering sciences. The Water Resources program emphasizes fundamental concepts and research, which at the same time address water resources issues having regional and national significance. The curriculum is designed to provide the interdisciplinary approach needed in water resources education and research. In addition to work in their chosen area of specialization, students may obtain a broad background in water resources encompassing physical, chemical, and biological aspects of water resources. Cooperating departments offer courses covering surface and groundwater hydrology, climatology, water quality, aquatic and wetland ecology, water resources engineering, and water resources planning and management.

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