Duke University

Durham, North Carolina

Graduate studies in water resources and related fields can lead to the Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees at Duke University. These programs are found in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering, and in the School of the Environment. An interdisciplinary program is also available that bridges the activities in these two Schools. Particular research topics include:

  • deterministic and stochastic surface water hydrology
  • uncertainty and risk in water quality modeling
  • groundwater hydrology and contaminant transport

General areas of study include the aforementioned topics plus:

  • water resource systems
  • environmental engineering systems
  • applied limnology
  • water resource economics and policy
  • water resources engineering.

The programs at Duke offer unique opportunities in water quality modeling in both the surface and subsurface environments.

For further information, visit the American Water Resources Association or the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering